Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sawasdee Pi Mai Ka! Happy New Year!

Well after that ridiculous journey north, Spencer and I had the best New Year I've ever had. Our guesthouse here is so nice, the people are incredibly helpful with helping us book activities like cooking class and a two day elephant adventure! We spent most of the day relaxing and did a bit of exploring in the afternoon scoping out food.

We discovered a large square with a stage where they were going to do the New Year countdown, perfect! There were kids running around on stilts and people starting to gather, even in the afternoon. We found some delicious street pad thai then wandered back to our guesthouse to get ready for the night and discovered the main street nearby was filled with vendors selling everything from t-shirts to fisherman's pants to wooden carvings, jewelery and Thai iced tea. It was incredible and we found so many things we didn't even know we needed :)

After dark we headed back out and scoped out more vendors, found lots and lots of delectable food and made friends with the family down the street from our guesthouse who were singing karaoke for about 7 hours that night, dancing, drinking, eating and giving us drinks, letting us shoot off huge fireworks from a home-made firework gun and grooving away!

One of the most beautiful things about Thai holidays are the large paper lanterns they send up into the sky. Chiang Mai is known to do this on Loy Krathong, the day I originally arrived in Bangkok and I was so sad to miss it then. But to my utter delight, when we wandered out after dark lanterns were slowly starting to drift through the sky. I couldn't stop smiling and Spencer and I sent one off earlier in the night and one right at the New Year on the countdown. It was so special and magical, the square was packed with people sending off lanterns, watching the performances on the stage, eating food and drinking.

After the countdown Spence and I just started dancing which turned into a big dance party of mostly foreigners and Thai people taking pictures of us crazy people. We were just so happy, and danced around and enjoyed the happy happy atmosphere.

Happy New Year!

Lanterns in the sky
More lanterns
Soundrabbit in Chiang Mai

Sending off a lantern
The Countdown!
Our new friends Kip and Ti taking a break from karaoke
Lanterns everywhere!
Packed. Happy New Year!

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