Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mountain Girl Under the Sea

I am officially

scuba dive
open water

After three days of movies, pool training, four open water dives and a test I can now go diving with anyone else who is certified anywhere in the world! Woo hoo!

I started with pool training alone with my instructor, Neal, since nobody else had signed up to take the course this week. He showed me all the equipment and how to use it and then we went in the water to practice 26 diving skills; everything from how to find my regulator if it got knocked out of my mouth to clearing my mask to how to communicate I've run out of air and need to share with my diving buddy to get to the surface. I was having a blast playing with my buoyancy in the pool, swimming all around and moving up or down with my breathing. I couldn't wait to get into the ocean! Neil said he had never gone through the skills so easily and quickly with a student which made me feel great!

Another woman named Elsa ended up signing up to start the next day, so I had a day off to relax and study. In short, I got talked into renting the motorbike with another Dutch girl again, went to another beautiful beach, got pulled over for nothing and talked my way out of a 1,000 baht ($30) ticket. Whew.

Then two days of open water dives on the reefs of Racha Yai. It was incredible! The weightlessness of the ocean and the freedom to maneuver anywhere, the pull of the currents, the fish all over the place! I really can't describe it well in words, so hopefully a few pictures will augment my ramblings. My favorite was the octopus. I'm going to try to upload a video of it for you! I'm addicted and so happy and grateful to have the opportunity to learn this! It's such a huge world to explore under the sea. For example, I learned that there are more species of sea cucumber than anything else on earth. That's including beetles! Who knew?

Lookin good, feelin better
Hingeback Shrimpies

Triggerfish moving corals with its mouth. One chased me.

Open ocean!
Whose floor is this? Seahorses. Forever.

Shoutout to Boulder


Feeeeeling eeeeely

Whoa! Lionfish!

A flutefish and me

Elsa and I diving!
Coolest octopus! I spotted it hiding under a rock!
Ok, EE people, don't tell but I fed the fish. At least I held on to the banana peel to throw in the trash and not in the sea.

Stoked. I look like a little boy.


  1. Wow! Your underwater shots are incredible!! And the octopus video...awesome!!!! I'm so glad you are enjoyig such incredible adventures!!! Yay scuba!

  2. SO COOL!!! Your pics are amazing!!! So jealous!