Sunday, November 1, 2009

Malai Nepal manpursa--I love Nepal!

Namaste Everyone!
So it's been very crazy and there has been little internet in my life for the past month, but I should be able to upload more pictures in Bangkok in the next few days and give more details on what life has been like in Nepal! Trekking, Kathmandu and lots of temples, as well as excellent hospitality. I am happy, safe and healthy and thinking fondly of my friends and family at home! I will update you more soon, but for now, here's a few pictures!
Pancha and some other trekkers outside of Chame
Trail through waterfall

Me in Bahundanda

Our first large suspension bridge...Day 1

The Monkey Temple in Kathmandu


  1. Where are the monkeys? Love, Mom

  2. Wow what a suspension bridge. Did I hear you say you crossed at least one a day? love, mom

  3. Fantastic, Karina! So great to hear you're doing well and to see that you're having a lovely time. Can't wait to hear more! Miss you!!