Monday, September 14, 2009

San Sebastian

Hola a todos!

Today I write to you about San Sebastian from Barcelona!

It was awesome, but also very hard to be there on my own for the first time. San Sebastian is on the northern coast of Spain right near France in Basque Country. It is a beautiful coastal city with a ridiculously perfect crescent beach and two ¨montes¨on each side of the entrance to the cove. I spent the first afternoon on the beach and wandering around the city feeling pretty dang homesick. I walked up one monte with a huge statue of Jesus on top which was really nice and relaxing because it was all trees and green with lizards that are native only to that monte in the whole world! I got to see some. Then I met the other girl in my room who was from Australia and we got some tapas. Bummer about not being in Granada: tapas are not free! But they are delicious!

We saw all kinds of festivities happening, lots of Basque traditional dances and music on stages around the city, and people dressed up like dragons and strange people with huge papier machet heads that chased children and hit them with balloons...we asked if there was any festival happening and they said no, just boat races. Any chance to party, eh Spain?

The next day I got up early and walked the beach to the other monte where there is an amusement park from 1912 on top...strange but true. I was feeling really sick and the women at the farmacia I went to were very sweet and gave me something for my stomach for free! I felt a lot better and walked up a winding street to the top of the hill instead of riding the funicular and there was still a woman at the top charging people to enter! It was a gorgeous view, well worth it!

On the way down I saw a swimming and apparently biking race begin as people swam out into the ocean. As I was walking down they all started passing me on their way up the road I had walked as part of their race! I got to watch and cheer them on before continuing on my way back down. I ended up at the beach again still feeling homesick but better this time.

The next day I switched hostels and immediately made friends with Arden, a guy from NYC and two Aussies. We went downtown to eat and discovered all kinds of activity because there were boat rowing races that day! Lots of partying all day long. We again went to the beach in the afternoon for a siesta on a beautiful day, then relaxed on the terrace outside our rooms...from which we could see the beach! SO COOL!

We then went out to enjoy the night and eat more delicious tapas, or pinchos as they´re called up north. A wonderful night and I ended up feeling much more confident in myself and the trip, especially after meeting a wonderful man on the bus today who was very kind and fun to talk with. he helped me get oriented to Barcelona before getting there!

Headed back up Las Ramblas to my hostel to meet a new friend to go to Gaudi´s Park. More soon!

I love and miss everyone, send me your Love and I will give it to Spain!

Love, Karina


  1. Well it sounds like you are doing it, Know you are missed back here in the states, but also being envied for the things you are doing. Good Luck with the continuous travels and dont let anything hold you back.

  2. Hey Sweetie, Wow sounds like you rebounded pretty quickly from being homesick to getting recentered...that a girl. Remember you carry your
    Goddess Self with you wherever you go! Let her shine! I love you.

  3. Hey Jell! Good news all around. Did you get any photos of the lizards of the mountain? Sounds like better and better vibes are starting to manifest. I remember you telling me the same thing my first week in CA... remember?? ;~)
    Saturday is national Talk Like a Pirate Day... you might have to really aaaaarrrrrticulate if you are in Spain ;!) Love ya, Da

  4. Holla Karina!!

    me encanta saber que seguiste en viaje!!

    Hace un par de meses escribiste un comentario en una foto que yo puse online de la Sagrada Familia... ahora yo escribo un comentario en las tuyas! :)

    Te deseo un buen viaje!! que desfruches mucho mucho!! :)

    ... y qye sigas escribindo, claro! :)